Answers to common questions:

What format should have my demo tracks?

Well…it depends, if you just need your pre-production tracks as guide tracks even MP3 in 96 kbits/s is O.K. But if you want to use some of the tracks in your later production, WAVE or AIF files are the right joice. The sample rate should have at least 48kHz/24 bit – but 44,1 kHz/ 16bit is also fine. Never! upsample your files, there is no advantage in sound quality. Better record your stuff from scratch in a higher sample rate (48kHz or 96kHz, 192kHz is overdone). We normally produce in 48kHz or 96kHz depends on the production.

What´s the best harddrive or SSD format for file interchange?

The most compatible HD / SSD file format is FAT32, this is the common format for USB sticks. But: there are size limitations: partition max = 2TB and 4 Gb per file max.
Better format though is exFAT32, there is no file size limitation and it works on  all platforms like PC, Linux and Mac. As we work here on Macs, you can stick to Mac OS X standard format HFS+ if you are MAc user to. Pls do not bring your HD / SSD in Windows NTFS format!

How U take over multi track projects?

We produce in Cubase 10 and Pro Tools 2019 on Mac – but there are many ways to import multi track sessions from other DAWs like Logic, Reaper, Bitwig, StudioOne, Ableton Live and others. Exporting your session as AAF (Advanced Authoring Format) or OMF (Open Media Framework) is one option. The other way is more reliable but time-consuming: Export single tracks or stems (pre mixed groups of instruments) with the same startpoint. We are running a project server, you can seamlessly upload big files – or you bring-in a harddrive or SSD.

How much does it cost to record a song in a studio?

Well…no two projects are the same. A full day of tracking a 4-piece rock band is a totally different game than recording a singer-songwriter with a single acoustic guitar or just a Rap singer with pre produced beats. Get in contact to talk about YOUR project, we will find a way to serve your needs!

Can you record on location?

Yes. We have location sound recorders and multicore cables and splitters to record almost anywhere up to 24 channels.

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