Well, we guess you want your music to be published in the way you heard it during composition and arrangement – right? How to get there?

We are musicians and sound guys and we know about the needs of a creative environment. This is not only about the room, light air and optimized room acoustics; it’s also about the entire workflow. When we redesigned the studio in 2019 we focused on a very flexible signal path for state of the art personalized monitor mixes, talkback and a real red light. Not talking about the best analogue gear and A/D converters you can get today for superior sonic results. Our studio is a hybrid analogue/digital environment.

We listen to your demo carefully and discuss a best practice workflow for the final production. There are many ways to go for good results – but it must be YOUR WAY – we guide you through the entire process of production. It´s all about the musician’s performance and we believe in live recording. You can record with the entire band simultaneously –or step by step – as you want.

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Cristal Silence Berlin now merged with Peter Rahe Music Production

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